Have a closet full of clothes and Nothing to Wear?   Let’s get your closet analyzed and diagnosed!


  • Not Feeling Comfortable & Confident in Your Own Skin?

  • Sick & Tired of Wasting Time and Money on Mistaken Purchases?

  • Desire Balance Between “Stylish & Put Together” and “Comfortable”?

  • Having Trouble Matching Your Outer Appearance with Your Inner Talents, Feelings and Aspirations?

  • Ready to Find Styles that Look Right for your Shape and Age without Looking too Conservative, Boring or Frumpy?

  • Ready to Get Seen & Attract More of the Clients and Opportunities You Really Want?


 Romina will get to know you, your style, your goals & challenges, all the items you love, hate, or are confused by. 

She will put together new outfits with what you already have in your closet

She will make suggestions about what should stay, be donated/sold, or altered

She will also create a list of missing items that will extend your current wardrobe